La Cafetière Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set with Tea Infuser, Measuring Spoon and Tea, Stainless Steel

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About this product

Give the gift of a soothing brew with this loose tea gift set. It includes some of the key tools and ingredients needed for an exceptional cuppa. There's a tea infuser, a measuring spoon and two 25g packs of loose tea - English breakfast and Earl Grey. The stainless steel tea filter basket simply slots into any teapot or mug. Fill it with the loose leaves and pour over hot water: its fine mesh will trap the leaves, while letting the flavours infuse. The result? A smooth-tasting brew that's packed with flavour. Measuring out the right amount of tea is easy too - whether it's a calming cuppa for one, or multiple mugs for friends and family. The set's tea measuring spoon holds enough to make a single cup with each scoop - so, there's no need for guesswork. Presented in a La Cafetière box, this tea gift pack is really easy to wrap and makes the perfect present for anyone who appreciates a good cuppa.


  • BREW AND RELAX: share the soothing sensation of freshly-brewed loose tea with this gift set
  • INCLUDES: infuser, measuring spoon and single 25g packs of English breakfast and Earl Grey tea
  • LOOSE TEA INFUSER: this stainless steel basket can be slotted into any teapot or mug
  • TEA MEASURING SPOON: one scoop from this stainless steel spoon is enough for one cup
  • USEFUL INFO: makes a wonderful gift for tea lovers. Not suitable for microwave use


  • Size 26.000 x 16.500 x 7.500