London Pottery Globe® 4 Cup Teapot Blue And White Circle


About this product

Designed in the UK by renowned ceramist, David Birch, London Pottery's iconic Globe teapot pays tribute to time-honoured tea making tradition, while adding some clever innovations. This spotty teapot is perfect for making smooth, superior-tasting brews. Its spout features a built-in ceramic filter. So, as you pour your steeped tea, it'll catch teabags, petal teas, or larger loose leaf teas, stopping them from ending up in your cup. There's no dripping either. The Globe loose leaf teapot's spout is positioned in such a way as to prevent tea from leaking out once after pouring. Decorated with the 'Out of the Blue' circles pattern, it's sure to make a wonderful addition to any dining table.


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Clay
  • Size 22.500 x 13.500 x 14.500
  • SKU: JY18LT06