4pc Red Silicone Bakeware Set with Square Bake Pan, Loaf Pan, 12-Hole Cake Pan and Double Oven Glove


Worth: £83.46

About this product

Remove your cakes and bakes without damaging their fine finishes with this MasterClass Smart Silicone bundle. They’re made entirely from flexible silicone approved to the highest European standards. This means you can simply pop the silicone up to turn out your treats when they’re done. The silicone surface is heat resistant to temperatures as high as 250 degrees Celsius / 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and transfer heat quickly and evenly throughout your mixture. So, you don’t have to worry about undercooked or collapsed centres. There’s no tainting or distorting with use. You can rely on these silicone pans to deliver premium performance and evenly baked and roasted finishes time and time again. Just rinse them with warm water or pop them in your dishwasher when you’ve finished. They are really easy to store away too. You can roll or fold them up to save space in storage. This bundle also includes the MasterClass Seamless Silicone Double Oven Glove which allows you to securely and comfortably grip hot pans and trays without being burnt. It’s heat resistant to temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius (482 degrees Fahrenheit), so you can cook with confidence every time.


  • Bake Pan: 23cm square, 4.5cm deep Twelve Hole Pan Loaf Pan: 22cm x 10cm Double Oven Glove
  • Cakes bake with a defined shape, and can be turned out easily
  • Oven safe to 250°C, it won't bulge or distort, or transfer tastes and odours
  • High-gloss red interior provides quick cake release for simple clean-ups.
  • High-gloss red interior provides quick cake release for simple clean-ups. Distributes heat effectively, and won't bulge or distort in the oven. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • Colour Red
  • Material Silicone