MasterClass Digital 5kg Round Platform Scales with MasterClass Deluxe Stainless Steel 10cm Oven Thermometer

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About this product

The MasterClass Round Digital Kitchen Scales are perfect for cooking and baking. With their high-precision sensor, they provide accurate weights for wet and dry ingredients, and can calculate liquid volume too. Easy to use, just two buttons – one button to turn on and reset the scales and another to switch between metric, imperial and liquid. The LED display is easy to read, and there’s even a battery life indicator, no need to worry about them not working in the middle of a precision weighing task! The TARE ‘add-n-weigh’ function makes it easy to mix multiple ingredients in one bowl, simply weigh out your first ingredient as needed, press TARE to reset the scales to zero and then add the next ingredient. Ideal for baking cakes and mixing all dry ingredients together in the same bowl before adding the wet ingredients. The scales have a stainless-steel plate that’s odour and stain resistant, so for quick jobs you can weight directly on the scales without reaching for a bowl – though the scales are suitable for almost any mixing bowl too. The slimline design will go with any kitchen décor, and the rubber feet stops the scales slipping or scratching your worksurface. The MasterClass Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer makes regulating your ovens temperature simple without wires or batteries, just hook it on to your oven rack for instant, accurate temperature readings. If your cakes are falling flat or biscuits are burning it could be that your oven isn’t cooking at the correct temperature. The MasterClass thermometer will ensure precision so that your bakes and roasts come out perfectly cooked every time.


  • Scales weight dry ingredients up to 5kg/11lbs and wet ingredients up to 5.2l/9 pints. Scales measure 17x17x2cm. Oven thermometer measures 4.1x8.4x10.3cm
  • Can be used with mixing bowls or to weigh loose ingredients
  • LCD panel displays metric and imperial measures and features battery life indicator. Scales require 1 CR2032 battery (included)
  • Thermometer displays temperatures from 50-300c / 100-600f, in 10c / 50f increments. Easy to read dial means temperature can be monitored through the glass
  • Five-Year Guarantee (scales and thermometer)