MasterClass Large Anti-Slip Chopping Board


About this product

All kitchens need a solid chopping board that can be relied on. MasterClass's take on this important kitchen essential takes things a step further, combining quality materials with a clever anti-slip design that ensures safe, speedy food prep every day. Made of high-quality, non-toxic polypropylene, this large cutting board won’t chip or crack, so you can rely on it for daily kitchen use. But it’s also gentle on sharp cutting edges, meaning your precious knives stay sharp for longer. That’s not all. Its non-slip trim grips your worktops to make cutting safe and easy, while its non-stick design makes cleaning up a breeze. It’s the ordinary made extraordinary. It’s MasterClass, after all. It comes protected by a 5-year guarantee.


  • TRUSTED MASTERCLASS QUALITY: this plastic chopping board is perfect for daily food prep
  • ROBUST POLYPROPYLENE: this cutting board won't chip or crack and is gentle on knife edges
  • WORKTOP-GRIPPING TRIM: it keeps the board steady, so you can slice without the slips
  • PREP MEAT, FISH AND VEGETABLES CONFIDENTLY: it's non-stick, BPA free and stain and odour resistant
  • USEFUL INFO: easy to clean. Other sizes also available. Includes a five year guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 46 x 30.5 x 1.2