MasterClass Set with Box Grater, Deluxe Cook's Blowtorch and Blade Handheld Cheese Grater


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About this product

Prep your dishes like a pro with this MasterClass set that includes a box grater, a blowtorch and a handheld cheese grater. The box grater features etched measurement markings, so you can follow recipes precisely and enjoy professional results. But its versatility doesn't end there. This clever box grater features five sets of razor-sharp blades: fine, coarse, zesting, slicing, and crinkle cutting. So, you can prepare a variety of ingredients without needing multiple tools. It’s safe and easy to use, too. The non-slip base grips your work surfaces to stop it from sliding as you grate or zest. And its thick cylindrical handle helps you maintain a firm and comfortable hold. The handheld grater has been specially engineered for faster and safer grating. The Revolutionary Micro blade technology ensures satin-smooth grating, while its clever bi-directional design cuts food prep time in half. The versatile shape and soft-touch, non-slip handle lets you grate completely safe and comfortable. This 30.5 cm (12") fine-blade grater works wonders with hard cheese, chocolate and vegetables, as well as soft cheeses like mozzarella. It's been designed by West Blade engineers Ben Willis and Joe Dieter to speed up food prep time in pro kitchens. The blow torch makes it so simple to apply those all-important finishing touches to your dishes! It’s designed to be safe and simple to use and looks great too – with its contoured black design, it’s a real eye-catcher in the kitchen. It makes a great gift for a serious home chef or a practical treat for yourself. The blowtorch features Piezo Ignition, which activates when pushed down and ignites the butane gas to produce a flame, ready to brown, caramelise, crisp, sear or skin. When you release the trigger, the flame will go out instantly, for maximum safety. You can easily adjust the size and temperature of the flame to suit what you're doing with the slideable flame adjustment knob. This means you can effortlessly go from searing a large steak to caramelising demerara sugar on an individual crème brûlée. This also means you can choose to conserve gas and save money when you don’t need a full-power flame. This kitchen blow torch also produces an anti-flare flame, so it burns cleanly in one direction, no matter where you point the torch. This helps to protect your hands from burns. After you've finished with it, you can simply apply the safety lock to prevent it from being accidentally ignited. This makes it simple to store away, and safer too. It also conforms to BS EN ISO 22702:2003 safety standards. The blow torch features a non-slip grip-coated handle to maintain a secure but comfortable grasp. This blow torch's powerful flame is powered by butane gas (available from all good hardware shops). With its refillable gas cylinder, you can easily top it up when it becomes empty. There's also a clear fuel level window, so you can keep an eye on how full it is. It additionally has a magnetic stand to let the torch cool down before you store it away.


  • MasterClass Set includes: 1 x Box Grater with Measurements, 1 x Deluxe Cook's Blowtorch; 1 x Blade Handheld Stainless Steel Cheese Grater with Handle
  • Made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone with comfortable rubber handles
  • The box grater features coarse, fine, zest, slice and crinkle-cut blades
  • The blowtorch features an instant igniter, safety lock and detachable stand
  • The handheld grater features micro blade technology, that ensures satin-smooth grating, while its clever bi-directional design cuts food prep time in half