MasterClass Set with Sharpen & Chop Cutting Board and Medium Non-Slip Cutting Board


Worth: £35.48

About this product

Cut and prep ingredients like a pro with this MasterClass set that includes a Sharpen & Chop cutting board alongside a medium non-slip cutting board. The Sharpen & Chop cutting board allows you to sharpen your knives every time you prepare ingredients — so you’ll have a much easier time in the kitchen! It features an integrated knife sharpener, so you can quickly and easily bring dull blades back to life before you slice, dice or chop. Simply flip it up, sharpen, and go! You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. The chopping board is made of durable, non-toxic polypropylene, and measures 25 cm x 36 cm (10 '' x 14 ''). This size makes it ideal for all sorts of food prep jobs, from dicing beef for a hearty casserole to slicing green beans for Sunday dinner! The non-slip cutting board features a smooth surface perfect for preparing meat, fish and vegetables. The board is produced from polyethylene plastic, so as well as being food-safe, this material is extremely strong. It won't chip or crack as you cut, slice and chop your ingredients. It's gentle on your knife edges too, so they’ll stay sharper for longer. The board's smart non-stick coating ensures that whatever you're preparing; fish, meat or vegetables won't stick. This means your ingredients remain intact, and the washing up also becomes far simpler. The cutting board features a reversible design – cut on either side and it reduces cross-contamination. It’s really versatile – use one side to slice pineapples and watermelons, and you can flip it over to trim the fat from a sirloin steak! Stain and odour resistant, you can cut the strongest of foods and ingredients on this chopping board, from garlic and red onions to fresh sea bass fillets and it won't leave a lingering smell. Both sides of the board feature non-slip corners, so you can slice, dice, chop and cut speedily, safe in the knowledge the board will stay put!


  • MasterClass Set includes 1 x Sharpen & Chop Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener; 1 x Medium Non-Slip Polyethylene Cutting Board
  • Made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone with comfortable rubber handles
  • The Sharpen & Chop cutting board measures 25 cm x 36 cm (10 '' x 14 '')
  • All the essential tools for your kitchen