MasterClass Smart Silicone 22cm x 10cm Flexible Loaf Pan


About this product

The MasterClass Smart Silicone 2 lb Loaf Tin is a clever, fuss-free bread making solution. Made of flexible, premium-grade silicone, it bakes bread evenly, and has impressive quick-release properties - it flexes and bends to release your loaves in one easy piece! To pop out your loaf, you simply push it from the bottom of the pan and bend the silicone walls to release it in seconds. The pan is flexible, but not flimsy – the high-quality silicone is easy to bend by hand, but won’t bulge or distort as it bakes. The loaf pan measures 22 x 10 cm (8½” x 4”) with a depth of 6 cm (2½”) – a great size for medium-sized loaves of bread, and just as practical for meat loaves, fruit loaves and pate. Consistent Heat Distribution for an Even Bake There's nothing better than aromas of freshly baked bread. With this loaf pan you can bake loaves that taste just as delicious as they smell! It's made with silicone approved to the highest European food safety standard (LFGB), which transfers heat quickly and evenly during baking. You're left with the kind of evenly cooked, perfectly formed loaf typically associated with professional bakers. Your baked loaf also cools a little more quickly when you’ve removed it from the oven, so you can quickly turn it out onto a cooling rack. Super-Durable, Freezer-Safe and Heat Resistant Silicone is a naturally strong material that won’t taint, rust, crack, peel or distort. Its durable, flexible nature means it simply springs back into its original shape without damage – even with daily use. What’s more, the loaf tin can withstand extremes of hot and cold. It’s heat resistant to 250 degrees Celsius (428 degrees Fahrenheit), which is hotter than the highest setting of most domestic ovens. And its safe for your refrigerator or freezer too, which is great for setting pâté. Useful Information – Dishwasher safe – Microwave safe – Inert and non-absorbent – won’t transfer tastes or odours between bakes – Can be squashed or rolled up for storage, and it will bounce back to its original shape – Protected by MasterClass's 5 year guarantee More Silicone Bakeware From MasterClass With MasterClass's award-winning Smart Silicone Bakeware, it's easy to remove your best bakes without damaging them. There's a wide selection of premium products to choose from. Why not try baking cupcakes with the Smart Silicone 12-hole mini baking pan (MCSB75), or muffins, with the 30 x 18 cm six-hole baking pan (MCSB74)?


  • EASY LOAF RELEASE: bends and flexes to make turning out freshly baked bread simple
  • HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE: distributes heat effectively, and won't bulge or distort in the oven
  • SURPRISINGLY STURDY: loaves bake to a nicely formed shape, and there's no flavour transfer either
  • USEFUL INFO: freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Heat resistant to 250°C
  • MASTERCLASS QUALITY: this Smart Silicone loaf tin also includes a five year guarantee


  • Colour Red
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 30 x 15 x 7
  • SKU: MCSB71