MasterClass Smart Space Compact Can Opener

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About this product

Small kitchen? Use it to your advantage, and free up space in your utensils drawer, with the MasterClass Smart Space can opener. This ingenious, space-savvy tool glides through can lids quickly and easily, just like the best full-size can openers. However, it measures just seven centimetres in diameter, so will store easily in a drawer. Simply place the can opener on the edge of your tin, then twist to remove lids smoothly, in a matter of seconds. It comes protected by MasterClass' 5-year guarantee.


  • COMPACT CONVENIENCE: it works just like full-size tin openers, but takes up minimal storage space
  • OPENS CANS CLEANLY: its rust-resistant stainless steel blade glides though lids, while reducing jagged edges
  • EASY OPENING: twist the whole tin opener to remove can lids in seconds
  • BUILT-IN MAGNET: it grips lids once they've been removed, allowing for safe, mess-free disposal
  • SMARTER STORAGE: the Smart Space can opener measures just 7cm (3") wide. Five year guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Plastic,Stainless Steel
  • Size 7 x 7 x 5