MasterClass Smart Space Kitchen Tablet Holder and Spoon Rest

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About this product

The rise of recipe blogging is a real boon for keen home chefs. But despite the amazing choices on offer, it’s all academic if you’re struggling to cook in a small kitchen. Here’s a smart solution from MasterClass. This compact, high-quality stand puts your tablet computer to work, displaying your recipes in full view, without hogging worktop space like some old-fashioned cookbook holders. Don’t feel like following a recipe tonight? Flip this ingenious 2-in-1 gadget on its head, and it becomes a smart spoon rest, so you can lay your utensils down between stirs. This means they stay uncontaminated and you keep your worktops sparkling. This multifunctional kitchen stand is made of robust chrome-plated metal and non-slip silicone, and is designed to work with the vast majority of tablets and smartphones.


  • FOLLOW RECIPES IN SPACE-SAVING STYLE with MasterClass's compact silicone tablet holder
  • TWO-IN-ONE DESIGN: flip it and it's a spoon rest - perfect for keeping worktops tidy
  • CUSHIONED HOLDER: keeps phones and tablets steady as you scroll, and protects them from splashes
  • SMART LOOKS, SMART SIZE: it makes a great alternative to bulky recipe holders
  • MASTERCLASS QUALITY: made of chrome-plated metal and silicone. Comes apart for cleaning. Five year guarantee


  • Colour Black,Silver
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 9.500 x 8.000 x 4.000