MasterClass Smart Space Set with Foldable Potato Masher and Collapsible Baking Measure Cups


Worth: £19.48

About this product

Make the most of your kitchen space with this MasterClass Smart Space set. It includes a foldable potato masher alongside collapsible baking measure cups. The foldable potato masher is lauded for its compact size in contrast to most mashers, which can take up considerable room in a kitchen drawer. From a quick glance, it might look just like a regular potato masher. Look closer and you'll see it's far smarter than that. Unlike a regular potato masher, its handle can be click-locked for mashing, then folded almost completely flat, for easy drawer storage. When folded out, the masher is as solid and sturdy as the best mashers on the market. It’s made of robust stainless steel and is fitted with a smooth, soft-grip handle, so it can turn root veg into smooth, lump-free mash with minimal effort. The collapsible baking measure cups are designed to measure ingredients accurately for cooking and baking success. Small kitchens often seem to dictate which tools make it into drawers and cupboards. Add these ingenious pop-up measuring cups to your kitchen, though, and you can enjoy accurate measuring without sacrificing space, so they’ll always be part of your baking kit. Simply pop them up to measure ingredients for sumptuous cakes, tasty curries or fresh bread. Then, press them flat for easy, compact storage. The set includes a range of measuring cups in four of the most useful sizes, marked with American cup measures. They’re made of highly durable, non-stick plastic that’s easy to grip and releases ingredients quickly and easily – perfect for rapid meal-prepping. The measuring cups have 1 cup (250 ml), ½ cup (125 ml), ⅓ cup (80 ml) and ¼ cup (60 ml)


  • MasterClass Smart Space Set includes: 1 x Foldable Potato Masher; 1 x Collapsible Baking Measure Cups
  • Made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone with comfortable rubber handles
  • The potato masher is made of robust, rust-resistant stainless steel with a soft-grip handle
  • The measuring cups have 1 cup (250 ml), ½ cup (125 ml), ⅓ cup (80 ml) and ¼ cup (60 ml)