MasterClass Universal Silicone Oven Shelf Guards

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About this product

Protect your hands, wrists and arms from burns with the Master Class Silicone Oven Shelf Guards. Simply slip them over the front of your oven shelves, and they’ll provide robust protection against heat, so you’re much less likely to burn yourself. Best of all, at 31 cm (12 inches) they fit any standard domestic oven. You get two in the set, so you’ll only need one pack to safeguard most ovens. It comes protected by MasterClass' 12-month guarantee.


  • MAKE OVENS SAFER: reduce the risk of burns when retrieving bakeware with these shelf guards
  • HIGHLY HEAT RESISTANT: they're oven safe to 260℃, which is well above normal cooking temperatures
  • ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DESIGN: they measure 3cm (12") long, so fit all standard domestic ovens
  • EASY TO INSTALL: they slip on quickly and easily, and remove easily for cleaning too
  • USEFUL INFO: includes two high-quality silicone guards. Waterproof and dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Red
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 3.5 x 31 x 2