Maxwell & Williams Reef 8pc Dining Set with 4x Side Plates and 4x Dinner Plates


Worth: £63.12

About this product

This Reef Fish 8pc dinner set from Maxwell & Williams includes 4x 20cm side plates and 4x 27cm dinner plates. Boasting a modern design with a universal, timeless appeal, the set features geometric patterns inspired by fish scales, with washes of sea blue set against white ceramics. With their pad-print fish motifs and scale-patterned borders, these charming side and dinner plates frame your food beautifully, while evoking the calming sway of a sea breeze. They're ideal for alfresco dining or casual get-togethers.


  • Maxwell & Williams Reef Fish Set includes: 4 x 20 cm Side Plates; 4 x 27 cm Dinner Plates
  • Designed in Australia, these attractive blue and white plates are made of robust, porcelain
  • Measurements: Side Plate is 20 cm (8 "); Dinner Plate 27 cm (10.5 ")
  • Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe