Rabbit Bundle with Electric Corkscrew, Electric Preserver Set and Pura Decanting System


Worth: £155.47

About this product

Open and preserve your favourite wines easily with this Rabbit bundle that includes an electric corkscrew, a preserver set and a decanting system. The electric corkscrew lets you remove corks at the touch of a button. To use, remove the foil from the wine bottle with the included foil cutter. Place the electric corkscrew on top of the bottle and press the button to remove the cork. The non-stick spiral won't shred the cork, which makes for easy removal. It includes a foil cutter and requires 2 AA batteries (not included). The electric preserver allows you to keep wine fresh for up to a week. When you’ve opened a bottle of pinot noir or Riesling, you shouldn’t feel obliged to finish the whole bottle in one sitting. Drink at your own pace and savour every drop, knowing you can keep the remaining wine fresh and delicious using this electric wine preserver. At the push of a button, the electric pump stops oxidation in its tracks, drawing a vacuum inside your wine bottle. It really couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pop one of the two air-tight stoppers inside, attach and activate the electric pump, and enjoy just-opened freshness for up to a week. The decanting system includes a handsome glass decanter, plus a matching spray funnel and filter, to make sure your wine achieves its full potential in looks, flavour and aroma. First, the wine passes through the funnel removing any sediment or cork. Next, the funnel sprays it out in tiny droplets against the decanter walls. Finally, it drips down the sides, fully aerated and ready to be poured into glasses and enjoyed. Use it with any red wine – vintage Bordeaux, fine pinot noir or rich merlot – and turn the act of serving into an impressive, elegant spectacle.


  • Set includes: 1 x Rabbit Electric Corkscrew with Foil Cutter; 1 x Rabbit Electric Preserver Set
  • The electric corkscrew includes foil cutter
  • The electric corkscrew features a non-stick spiral
  • The pump included in the preserver set creates a vacuum inside bottles with a single button press
  • The decanting system includes a glass decanter, a matching spray funnel and a filter