Rabbit Bundle with Lever Style Corkscrew and Pura Decanting System


Worth: £124.98

About this product

Open and preserve your favourite wines easily with this Rabbit bundle that includes a lever-style corkscrew and a decanting system. The lever-style corkscrew is the original and the best, opening corks in three seconds flat. From the first time you set eyes on it, you know this iconic, rabbit-shaped corkscrew will do wonders for your wine. Its award-winning, rabbit-shaped design pulls any type of cork in just three seconds, and then automatically releases it afterwards. You can use it with any cork, and bottles of all sizes in complete confidence. The sturdy, easy-grip levers make it incredibly easy to use. All the gears inside are made of hardened metal, so it’s super durable and long-lasting. In fact, it has been tested for 20,000 pulls by an independent laboratory. The decanting system includes a handsome, glass decanter, plus a matching spray funnel and filter, to make sure your wine achieves its full potential in looks, flavour and aroma. First, the wine passes through the funnel which removes any sediment or cork. Next, the funnel sprays it out in tiny droplets against the decanter walls. Finally, it drips down the sides, fully aerated and ready to be poured into glasses and enjoyed. Use it with any red wine – vintage Bordeaux, fine pinot noir or rich merlot – and turn the act of serving into an impressive, elegant spectacle.


  • Set includes 1 x Rabbit Lever Style Corkscrew with Foil Cutter; 1 x Rabbit Pura Decanting System
  • The corkscrew pulls any cork from any bottle in three seconds, then automatically releases it
  • The corkscrew, tested for 20,000 cork pulls, has been confirmed durable by an independent laboratory
  • The pump included in the preserver set creates a vacuum inside bottles with a single button press