Sweetly Does It Butterfly Shaped Cake Pan

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About this product

Want to make a flutterific cake with minimal fuss? This silver anodised cake mould is just the ticket. This novelty cake tin is shaped like a pretty butterfly, and is made of silver-anodised aluminium. The beauty of these pans is that they bake wonderfully detailed cakes, so you can make and decorate show-stopping sweet treats using just one tin. That’s because the aluminium absorbs heat quickly and efficiently. This helps the cake cook evenly, and creates a perfect impression of its intricate lines and patterns. You get a gorgeous-looking cake with crisp, clear lines – perfect for decorating in your choice of fondant or buttercream icing. You can even make amazing butterfly-shaped jellies. It's totally fridge safe! .


  • Material Silver Anodised Aluminium
  • Size 20 x 28 x 5