KitchenCraft Non-Stick Cake Tin Liner


About this product

Help your fluffy sponge or baked New York cheesecake make a smooth transition from baking tin to plate, with this non-stick, greaseproof baking parchment. Both sides of the roll are coated with silicone to make it non-stick. Use it to line the walls of your cake tin, and your sponge will never get stuck to the sides. This means no crumbling, no damage, and an easier job decorating. It cuts down on mess dramatically, too. Even if your food gets a little burnt you won’t have to scrub at your tins to get them clean.


  • Make cake removal from uncoated tins easy with this non-stick silicone baking paper
  • No need for cutting, just tear to line your cake tin
  • Double-sided non-stick cake tin liner keeps cakes in great shape, for easy decorating
  • Use this greaseproof paper to stop fish fillets, cookies, meringues, and more from sticking too
  • Includes 25 m (82ft) of baking paper. Width: 10 cm (4"). Heat resistant to 220°C


  • Colour White
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 10.5 x 5.2 x 5.2