Taylor Compact Waterproof Instant Read Digital Thermometer, Blister Packed


About this product

Cook with scientific precision and streamline countless culinary tasks with this multifunction cooking thermometer probe from Taylor. Built to commercial standards, it’s ideal for restaurant chefs who need a quick, portable way to ensure safety and consistency, or for home cooks who want to achieve professional results in their own kitchens. Readings are accurate and almost instantaneous. Simply insert the probe into solid or liquid ingredients, and in five seconds or less, it will display a stable temperature on its easy-to-read LCD screen. Just what you need in a busy kitchen environment. You can use it to test just about any food. The ultra-thin probe makes it ideal as a meat thermometer, because it leaves almost-invisible marks and keeps delicious juices contained. Because it’s nice and long, it can pierce deep into large turkey roasts and BBQ joints, and will help keep your hands safe when using it as an oil thermometer. And because it has a wide measurement range (-40°C to 230°C, or -40°F to 450°F), it’s great as a jam or sugar thermometer, or even for getting that perfect chill on a pint of craft beer. Clean up time? Good news - the sturdy design makes this kitchen thermometer waterproof, so it’s safe to hand wash, and even safe for commercial dishwashers. The unit is packed with features to help streamline tasks in a busy kitchen. You can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit at the touch of a button, freeze the temperature on screen with its handy ‘hold’ feature, and track overall cooking progress with its minimum / maximum temperature memory. And as well as an on / off switch, it also has an auto-off feature to help conserve battery life. Hygiene a top priority? You’ll be pleased to know that this catering thermometer is certified to NSF International hygiene standards, and comes with a safety sheath featuring Taylor’s Safe-T-Guard technology, which incorporates a non-toxic chemical compound that inhibits the growth of harmful pathogens. This thermometer is part of a range of catering equipment from Taylor, accuracy experts since 1851. It comes with one CR1225 battery, an instruction leaflet, and a cooking temperature guide on the packaging.


  • Colour Blue
  • Size 15 x 2.5 x 1.6
  • Care and use Handwash only