Taylor Pro Digital Dry / Liquid Cooking Scales with Touchless Tare in Gift Box - Black


About this product

Reduce mess and improve hygiene when cooking and baking in your kitchen. The Taylor Pro digital kitchen scales feature innovative touchless tare technology. All it takes is a simple hand wave across the built-in sensor. This sends the display weight back to zero. So, you can zero container / bowl weights, or weigh multiple ingredients, one at a time, in the same bowl - all without having to push buttons with messy fingers. They feature a precision weighing sensor too, which delivers dual measuring functionality. This means these digital cooking scales will measure both dry and liquid ingredients - a useful feature to have in any hectic baking session. They'll accurately measure up to 5kg / 11lbs (dry), or 5000ml / 176 fl oz (liquid). Sleekly finished with a stain resistant surface that's ideal for direct weighing, an ultra-thin profile and a compact footprint, these black kitchen scales are made for the busy modern home. Packed in a Taylor gift box with a CR2032 battery and full care and use instructions, they're sure to make a fantastic present for any keen chef. More Useful Info: - Measure 17 x 23cm (6½ x 9 inches)


  • PRO-STANDARD PRECISION: Taylor's products are endorsed and tested by two Michelin-star chef, Michel Roux Jr.
  • TOUCHLESS TARE: wave to hygienically zero bowl weights or measure multiple ingredients without mess
  • DUAL MEASURING DESIGN: accurately weigh dry ingredients (to 5kg/11lbs) and liquids (to 5000ml/176 fl oz)
  • STAIN RESISTANT: an easy-clean, black surface makes these cooking scales ideal for direct weighing
  • USEFUL INFO: they're ultra-thin with a space-saving design. Gift boxed (battery included). Twenty year guarantee


  • Size 23.000 x 17.000 x 1.500