Taylor Small Black Kitchen Scales with Slimline Design in Gift Box

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About this product

These Taylor digital kitchen scales feature a slimline design, which reduces the amount of space they take up on work surfaces or in drawers and cupboards. They're really easy to use too. Just place your dry ingredients - either in a bowl or loose - on the black platform. These small kitchen scales will provide accurate measurements up to 5 kilograms (kg) or 11 pounds (lbs). Measuring ingredients in bowls? You don't have to worry about subtracting the container weight from the total weight. Push the 'TARE' button to send the reading back to zero before adding your ingredients to the bowl. This feature is great for weighing multiple ingredients in a single bowl too. Just push 'TARE' before adding each ingredient to get an individual measurement.


  • Colour Black
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 23.500 x 16.000 x 2.000