Victoria And Albert Alice In Wonderland The Gardeners Can Mug

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About this product

Turn daily coffee breaks in to your very own Mad Hatter's tea party, by sipping hot drinks from this lovely white mug, from the Alice in Wonderland collection, by V&A. This mug is decorated with a black and white illustration of the playing card gardeners who work for the Queen of Hearts. Trying to disguise that they've planted the wrong roses, the characters are depicted painting the blooms before the Queen finds out. The flowers and brushes sparkle with a gold coloured finish that shimmers against the black sketch, while Alice’s question ‘Why are you painting those roses?’ lines the inside rim of the mug. The designs are inspired by an Alice in Wonderland card game based on artwork by Sir John Tenniel (1820 - 1914). Turn the tea mug around and you’ll see a third gardener watching them work, fearful of the Queen of Hearts and her bad temper. And that's not all! Just like Wonderland, this mug is packed with new surprises at every turn. Finish your drink and you'll see the image of a rose tree appear in the base.


  • THE PLAYING CARD GARDENERS are hard at work on this V&A Alice in Wonderland mug
  • FEATURES SIR JOHN TENNIEL'S ILLUSTRATIONS of the gardeners from a classic Alice card game
  • DECORATIVE PRINT: turn it around to see another gardener, fearing what the Queen will say
  • HIDDEN SURPRISES: 'why are you painting those roses?' and a tree appear inside the mug
  • A LOVELY GIFT for anyone who enjoys Alice's adventures. Capacity: 350ml (12½ fl oz)


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Fine China
  • Size 8.300 x 11.500 x 8.300
  • SKU: C000050