4pc Non-Stick Aluminium Pan Set with 3x Heavy Duty Frying Pans, 20cm, 26cm & 28cm & 29.5cm Induction-Safe Wok


Worth: £164.96

About this product

Make flavour-packed meals in minutes with these fast-heating frying pans and Wok. When you can’t put your hunger on hold, it’ll make short work of your favourites. A great range of sizes if you’re preparing a quick meal for yourself or for family and friends. Look forward to tasty chicken stir fries, hearty seared steaks, and – everyone’s favourite – the classic cooked breakfast. The secret to its speed lies in the steel induction base and cast aluminium body, which spreads heat quickly and evenly. This means your favourite fried foods arrive on your table in a fraction of the normal cooking time. Best of all, it saves cash and saves on calories. The double non-stick coating lets you cook with less oil, so it’s a boon for dieters and means fewer trips to the shops to top up on unhealthy cooking fats.


  • SAUTÉ AND STIR FRY WITH CONFIDENCE: cook speedier, healthier meals with these revolutionary frying pans and wok
  • RULE-BREAKING DESIGN: combines cast aluminium with a scratch-resistant finish, for durability and quick, even cooking
  • NON-STICK SURFACE: you can dry fry and get all the taste, with fewer calories
  • USEFUL INFO: these pans are compatible with all hobs, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction
  • TRUSTED: includes MasterClass's 25 year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Aluminium