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Extract the aromas of freshly brewed coffee with La Cafetière’s collection of stylish french presses.

Espresso Makers

Kick start your day with a flavoursome pick me up or two.


Gift Sets

The perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers.



Whether your preference is tea bags or loose leaf tea. La Cafetière has a selection of teapots to suit everyone.


A style to suit all drinking experiences.



Beautifully designed coffee glasses will visually enhance all drinking experiences.

About Us

Established 1967, Our signature name gives you the confidence we’re the best at traditional style brews at home - after all we do know all about coffee! Savour flavours that make you mellow; indulge in splashes of rich roasts, and boost your moods with beautiful blends.


Make it how you love it.





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Designed for relaxed moments to enjoy cafe culture at it’s finest.


Master the art of brewing coffee with Seattle.



Brighten up any home décor with La Cafetière’s colour collection.


Brew in style at home with Edited Copper collection.