A Guide to the La Cafetière Verona Glass Espresso Maker

Stovetop espresso makers, also known as Moka pots, haven’t evolved much since their origins almost a century ago. Its faultless design was a ground-breaking revolution that did not have much room for improvement… at least until now.


La Cafetière has done a fantastic job of transforming the original design into a coffee maker fit for modern times. The Verona Glass Espresso Maker brings your daily morning coffee-brewing ritual to the next level with an upgrade to the classic design on those little details that make a big difference.

Introducing the Verona Glass Espresso Maker


Cleverly designed to make barista-style coffee easy and exciting, the innovative espresso maker combines a solid yet lightweight brushed aluminium base with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, allowing you to watch your coffee bubble and brew.


Just like the expensive espresso machines, the stovetop Moka pots rely on pressure to deliver rich, strong coffee, however, they don’t take up as much space in your kitchen and are much easier to maintain, Furthermore, espresso makers seem a better environmentally-friendly option since they do not generate unnecessary waste from used pods.

The beautifully crafted Verona Glass Espresso Maker range is available in a six-cup (290 ml) capacity and comes in five on-trend colourways to suit your preference, including red, latte, green, black and silver — making this humble device a statement piece for your kitchen.


What Makes the Verona Range a Good Espresso Maker?

The traditional aluminium base makes a light material to handle and a great heat conductor, which allows your coffee to brew faster, in contrast to stainless steel Moka pots. Best of all, aluminium is compatible with all heating sources and that includes induction hobs!


The introduction of a heat-resistant and shock-proof borosilicate glass upper chamber lets you watch your coffee brew, so you know when your drink is ready. This feature is not only purely practical but also looks really smart.


Unlike those cheap plastic handles that can easily melt if you neglect them on the stove for even a minute or two, the glass design used in the Verona range is resistant to high temperatures and stays cool to the touch, making for safe and controlled pouring.


How to Use a Verona Glass Espresso Maker?

Start off by filling the bottom aluminium chamber with hot water. Make sure you have boiling water at hand, as bringing the water to a boil in the pot will overheat the coffee grounds and give off a bitter taste.


Then insert the filter funnel on top and fill it with approximately 20 grams of your favourite coffee grounds (for this 6-cup model), making sure to level them off. It does not matter whether you are grinding the beans yourself or using pre-ground bags.


Next screw the top half onto the base with a towel, since the bottom chamber is filled with boiling water and will be too hot to handle.


Finally, place over medium-high heat for a few minutes. The espresso maker is suitable for all heating sources so you can use traditional gas, as well as electric and ceramic hobs, including induction.


As the hot water in the bottom chamber heats up and the water boils again, the steam pressure will force the coffee up into the top chamber through the spout in a gentle and steady stream, which you will be able to watch through the clear glass.


Once ready, enjoy yourself with full-bodied espresso shots or mix with milk for a delightful cappuccino.


How Do You Maintain the Verona Espresso Maker?

Although the espresso makers are built to last, aluminium should always be gently cleaned to keep the sleek finish intact.

For best results, just disassemble the stovetop Moka pot once it’s cool, then empty the grounds into the compost bin. Wash and rinse each component with warm water and let it dry thoroughly before storing it away.
Properly cared for, the espresso maker is a robust and low-maintenance device that will last for years to come.


What’s the Difference Between a La Cafetière Espresso Maker and a French Press?

Hailing from Italy and France respectively, the stovetop espresso maker and the French Press are both iconic coffee makers. These two brewing methods use two entirely different ways to make a cup of coffee so it comes to personal preference which coffee maker is the best for you.


A Moka pot uses steam pressure to force hot water through the ground coffee, whereas the French press infuses coffee in hot water after being decanted with a press.


As a result, the Moka pot extracts a bold and concentrated espresso-style coffee whereas the French press offers a more balanced drink with a rich body and texture.


Different people have different tastes, so you’ll need to choose which method best fits your daily routine and lifestyle. Both are superb and convenient methods to brew coffee and are easy to maintain and care for.


Having said that, if you still have a soft spot for the classic Italian espresso, the La Cafetière Verona Glass Espresso Maker is a solid choice for making your morning coffee ritual more exciting..


Serious About Coffee?

Making barista-style coffee at home isn’t as hard as it seems and with the right tools, you can make it just the way you most enjoy it.


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