London Pottery

Founded by pioneering ceramist and pottery artisan David Birch, the London Pottery Company has been supplying beautiful British-style teapots for over 30 years.

Capturing the best of British design, the teapots quickly became desired around the world. From the classic shapes of Pebble and Globe teapots to the more modern designs of Hi-T and Geo, there is something for everyone.


Delight yourself with the beautiful illustrations of the Blue Rose and Viscri Meadow ranges, inspired by the countryside, and celebrate the coastal motifs with the Out of the Blue.

Discover the art of tea making with London Pottery and enjoy the ultimate tea experience with the best cuppa made from the comfort of your home.



About London Pottery

London Pottery was formed in London, the UK in 1981. For over 30 years it has specialised in supplying British style teapots to the ever-increasing world market.


London Pottery was formed in London, the UK in 1981. For over 30 years it has specialised in supplying British style teapots to the ever-increasing world market.


The company’s founding director David Birch M.A.R.C.A, with more than four decades in the industry, has two degrees in industrial ceramic design, making him a well-respected authority in this field.


The first drink of the day is more special with London Pottery teapots.


We know how to make a better brew which is why our teapots are desired around the world.


A wide range of British designs, with lots of colours and capacities, and most importantly they are good little pourers with no irritating drips!



Which Teapot is right for you?

Globe® Teapots

The Globe teapot was created to bring beauty and brilliant performance together.

Farmhouse® Teapots

Filter teapots have the timeless traditional look of the classic British teapot.

Hi-T® Teapots

A modern take on the loose–leaf teapot, with a minimalist, conical shape.

Geo® Teapots

These modern Geo filter teapots have been designed with ease of use and appealing aesthetics in mind.

Oval® Teapots

Our oval teapots with infuser have a stackable design, allowing you to save storage space.

Pebble® Teapots

Our Pebble teapots have a striking shape that evokes images of smooth, sea softened, pebble lined beaches.


Designed to suit any occasion, the Prime teapot is practical and elegant - the ideal choice for every day.

Globe® Mugs

Featuring playful bright colours and polka dots, let these mugs bring a touch of fun to brew time.

Farmhouse® Mugs

Designed in the UK, our Farmhouse mugs share the timeless, traditional look of the Farmhouse teapot.

London Pottery Tea Sets




A high-quality teapot is essential for a good old afternoon tea. However, for the full experience, you’ll want to invest in a quality Tea Set to impress your guests.


Add a touch of retro nostalgia to your tea with the Blue Rose and Viscri Meadow collections, which include matching teapots, cups and saucers, sugar bowls, milk jugs and tiered cake stands.


The Splash collection features beautiful illustrations with complementing mugs and jugs in different colours and sizes, whereas the Globe teapots add a splash of colour to suit every style.


London Pottery’s largest collection, Out of the Blue, comes with a beautiful tea set range including sugar bowl and creamer, mugs, tea bag tidy and storage canisters with different coordinated designs. Perfect for treating yourself or gifting to first home buyers, you’re guaranteed in both style and expert craftsmanship with a London Pottery tea set.