About Us

Cook Serve Enjoy

Make mealtimes our times.

When times are precious you want to enjoy them. At Cook Serve Enjoy we make all meal times simple. Be it snack times, get togethers, on-the-go lunches or just breakfast on the sofa. You’ll cook it well, serve it better and enjoy it all the more. Save the effort for thinking about what to eat.


Our brands

Cook Serve Enjoy is a hub of more than 20 innovative brands. That adds up to thousands of products, from stylish accessories, to kitchen essentials, to ‘why haven’t they thought of this before?’.

Spoilt for choice? That’s the point. You’ll find everything you need to cook, serve and enjoy every moment of it right here.


So whether you’re entertaining friends, or entertaining the idea of another diet… whether you’re a proud foodie or you’re just trying to keep your family healthy, happy and well fed… relax, we’ve got things covered.

Start exploring our brands today, and discover dozens of new favourites.



Our history

Would you believe we’re over 170 years old? (Yeah, we look pretty good for our age.)

It all started back in 1850, when our forerunners began manufacturing household products and ironware. We’ve been through quite a few changes since then, but we’ve kept our eye for quality and our reputation for great customer service.


That little Victorian ironmongery is now known as Lifetime Brands Europe, and we’re part of one of the world’s leading kitchenware companies. It’s the best of both worlds - we can offer great brands and speedy service, but we still value our customers just as much as we did back in 1850.

And we know our stuff, if we do say so ourselves. After all, nearly two centuries of experience goes a long way…