Style Your Mikasa, Your Way: Introducing the AW23 Mikasa Tableware Collections

Indulge in a sneak peek at the stunning Mikasa dinnerware sets that we have ready for AW23. We're shaking things up by ditching the "one size fits all" idea and blending our ranges to create a totally unique and tailored tablescape.

Now you can start creating your own dream dinner set effortlessly. Choose from an array of plates, pasta bowls, sharing platters, and more, allowing you to personalise your table setting to your needs.


Step into the embrace of nature with a captivating botanical look that's all about bringing the great outdoors right into your home – a little something we like to call 'Rewilding the Home'.

The original Mikasa Jardin range does just this. Made of durable stoneware with a luscious green glaze that's as glossy as it is inviting, the range features charming debossed lines with intricate patterns of leaves and plants.


The Mikasa Jardin Midnight range swaps the green for black, giving you the choice to mix and match for a more dramatic look.

Now, let's talk glassware. The Mikasa Palermo set is the perfect match for your Jardin dinner sets. With their elegant, long black stems, these glasses exude sophistication, while the modern twist comes in the form of those angular-based clear bowls.


When it comes to cutlery, the Mikasa Soho Gold range takes centre stage. Imagine beautifully curved handles, all dressed up in a matte gold finish, complementing your Jardin diningware to perfection.


To complete your tablescape, there’s a frayed jute table runner that effortlessly infuses your setting with an organic and natural charm.


The final flourish? Placemats, of course! Here are some suggestions to consider: the rectangle jute placemats, the round placemats with their metallic or hessian style, and the unique pebble-shaped cork placemats.


"From experimenting with organic mark making textures, to exploring linear shapes and botanical sketches, the Jardin range was such an exciting project to be a part of. I’m really pleased with how the collection has come together. The gorgeous green colour and subtle details really gives a sense of bringing the outdoors inside." -- Graphic Designer for Mikasa

Everyday Classics

Showcasing a sleek and neutral white palette, this look effortlessly comes together with a delightful array of glassware and cutlery options. The pieces carry a timeless charm that suits your everyday dining needs while also shining bright at those refined dinner parties.


The Mikasa Chalk range is functional as it is stylish. Each piece in this collection is crafted with care from pristine white porcelain and uplifted in a radiant, glazed finish that adds a touch of luminosity to your dining table.

If the farmhouse aesthetic is more a bit of you, you’ll love the Mikasa Cranborne range, which is enhanced with textured detailing that adds a subtle twist to the classic minimalist vibe.

Then complement your white dinner sets with simple-yet-elegant glassware such as Mikasa Treviso, featuring refined stems, long crisp curves and an appealing visual effect.


To complete the picture, we've got premium stainless steel cutlery sets on the menu. You've got options: the Mikasa Portobello set, with delicate beaded details for a classic touch; the Mikasa Beaumont series with its slim handles and minimalist charm, or the Mikasa Broadway collection, which adds a dash of uniqueness with its hammered texture and satin finish.


For that extra bit of style, we've got your table covered with the industrial check and navy stripe cotton and linen table runners.


Now, if you're all about personalisation, dive into our delightful range of placemats. Mix and match to your heart's content – go for the rectangle jute placemats in natural or navy, the pebble-shaped options in cork or faux leather, or even the round placemats in hessian or metallic designs.


The Art Deco revival is making its mark everywhere, just like a time warp from the roaring 20s and straight to your table. Luxurious and glam, it's the perfect style for crafting a captivating table setting that's perfect for parties.


The Mikasa Luxe Deco dinner set marries bold geometric patterns in classic black and white with a touch of luxurious metallic gold. Crafted from exquisite fine china, this dinner set isn't just for dining; it's a talking point in itself.

For those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, the Mikasa Egret dinner set offers a pristine white design and impeccable quality. The set embodies the essence of a timeless classic infused with contemporary charm, easily mixed and layered with other pieces. Elevating your table's allure further, the Mikasa Sorrento glassware shines through with its decadent gold rims and graceful ridges.


Meanwhile, the Mikasa Salerno glassware boasts a fluted bowl and a charming bobble-shaped stem, making it an ideal choice for both casual gatherings and formal affairs. When it comes to cutlery, the Mikasa Soho Gold range takes centre stage. The gracefully curved handles with their matte gold finish exude opulence and complement the grandeur of your Luxe Deco dinner set seamlessly.


Put the finishing touch on your picture-perfect tableau with a frayed jute table runner. Its rustic yet refined texture serves as the ideal backdrop to showcase the intricate gold details of your table setting. Enhance the visual appeal with individual placemats, choosing from an array of round placemats, available in both metallic and hessian designs, as well as rectangle jute and pebble-shaped cork placemats.



Welcome to the world of industrial charm, where simplicity meets functionality. Embracing clean lines and practicality, the industrial look adds a touch of urban chic to your dining space, giving it that effortlessly cool and contemporary vibe.


The Mikasa Limestone dinnerware collection is the perfect dinnerware set to complete your industrial look. Combining a contemporary twist with a timeless porcelain design, this set is ideal for everyday dining.

For that quintessential industrial glassware, look no further than Mikasa Treviso. With sleek stems, elegant curves, and an eye-catching visual effect, it's a true gem that adds the finishing touch to your industrial-inspired table. Now, onto the cutlery that's a perfect match – the Soho Antique set. Its gracefully curved handles and matte antique silver finish exude both style and comfort, seamlessly aligning with the industrial aesthetic.


To tie it all together, consider the industrial check cotton and linen table runner, a perfect complement to the theme.

And let's not forget the placemats. Take your pick from the round hessian placemat for a touch of rustic charm, the rectangle jute placemat for a classic look, or the pebble-shaped table runner, available in cork or faux-leather designs, for a dash of modern flair.

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