2pc Tea Set with 1.3 L Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle and Long-Handled Tea Strainer


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About this product

Make the perfect cuppa with La Cafetière's small whistling tea kettle and a long-handled tea strainer. The whistling kettle is a classic we've redesigned for the modern kitchen. Once it's boiled, it'll sound out a characterful ringing whistle - just like those much-loved models of the past. There are a few modern additions too; it's compatible with all hobs (induction and AGA™ included), and features heat-resistant knobs and handles for safe and easy pouring. The tea strainer makes brewing a fuss-free task with a smooth result at the end. This sieve-like strainer simply sits on the top of your mug or teapot (with the lid removed). When you pour over your boiling water, its extra-fine mesh catches those loose leaves - to prevent them from reaching your pot or cup. So, you can enjoy those amazing flavours, completely free of the 'bits'.


  • Set includes: 1 x La Cafetière 1.3L Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle; 1 x La Cafetière Long Handled Tea Strainer
  • Kettle capacity: 1.3 L (2.5 pints, 44 fl oz)
  • Strainer diameter: 8 cm (3 ")
  • Both items in the set are made from stainless steel - ideal for everyday use, robust and rust-resistant
  • Kettle features a max. fill line


  • Colour Silver