La Cafetière Reusable Coffee Pods for Nespresso® Machines


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Single-use coffee pods might be convenient, but they're not so good for Planet Earth. While we enjoy our cups of great-tasting, low-hassle coffee, our used pods are often heading to landfill sites, where they can take 500 years to degrade. Take action now, with this set of reusable Nespresso™️ pods from La Cafetière. These clever capsules work just like your favourite single-use pods but can be washed, refilled, and reused lots of times. This means you can enjoy your morning pick-me-up, safe in the knowledge that Mother Nature will have a little less weight on her shoulders. Not only that, but you'll save cash – coffee pods are significantly more expensive, weight by weight, than ground coffee. And because you get to choose your favourite coffee grounds, you'll have more control over the flavour and punch of your joe. This set includes three reusable Nespresso™️ capsules, made of sturdy plastic with a fine stainless steel mesh. You also get a two-in-one tamper and scoop, for easy measuring and filling, plus a handy cleaning brush. The set comes gift boxed, ready to delight an eco-savvy coffee lover. These Nespresso™️ self-fill pods are designed to work with any Nespresso™️ machine. Covered by a 12-month guarantee.Enjoy great tasting coffee from your Nespresso machine. Just with less waste. Because unlike regular 'one and done' coffee machine capsules, these Nespresso® machine reusable pods from La Cafetière can be used again and again. This set includes three reusable capsules. It's your choice, but this time there's no limit. Fill these pods with absolutely any of your favourite varieties. All you have to do is make sure you've finely ground your beans beforehand. We've made it really easy to fill them up. The set comes complete with a scoop that measures out enough coffee to fill the pod exactly (1.8 grams). So, there's no need for guess work. They work no differently to the standard capsules you'd buy. Once you've filled them, tamp the coffee down with the scoop's flat base, brush away any excess with the cleaning brush, and you're good to go. Pop them in your machine and start your usual program! The Nespresso® machine refillable pods are 100% reusable. They're an eco-conscious alternative to regular, filled plastic capsules that end up in the bin after use. Give them a rinse when you're done and they'll be ready to make more great tasting cups of coffee. They're designed to work with Nespresso®* coffee machines, but they're not compatible with Dolce Gusto®** or Vertuo*** machines. *Nespresso® and ***Vertuo by Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nestlé Nespresso® SA (Paudex, Switzerland). **Dolce Gusto® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé® S.A.


  • Set includes three reusable Nespresso® capsules, a coffee scoop and a cleaning brush
  • Pods are made of sturdy plastic with a fine stainless steel mesh - for long-lasting quality
  • Hand wash only
  • Gift boxed - the perfect present for Nespresso® lovers!
  • GIFT-BOXED SET: includes 3 refillable Nespresso™️ pods, plus a scoop and cleaning brush; 12-month guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 5.500 x 2.600 x 11.500