4pc Tea Set with Glass Teapot 600ml, Whistling Kettle 1.3L, Tea Strainer with Stand and Stainless Steel Tea Infuser


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About this product

Make delicious tea easy with this La Cafetière 660 ml Glass Teapot, Whistling Tea Kettle, Tea Strainer and Tea Infuser set. Not just any glass teapot with an infuser, 'Le Teapot' is our contemporary take on it. With sleek curves, clear glass and a glamourous glimmer, it makes a stylish addition to the home of any loose leaf tea lover. This two cup model features a removable infuser basket. You can easily steep your favourite teas without having to worry about the leaves ending up in your cup. The small whistling tea kettle is a classic we've redesigned for the modern kitchen. Once it's boiled, it'll sound out a characterful ringing whistle - just like those much-loved models of the past. There are a few modern additions too; it's compatible with all hobs (induction and AGA™ included), and features heat-resistant knobs and handles for safe and easy pouring. Let La Cafetière's one cup tea strainer and stand take all the trouble out of your tea making. Making a loose-leaf brew doesn't have to be hard. Instead, let La Cafetière's tea strainer with stand take all the trouble out of your tea making. Sprinkle your favourite loose-leaf variety into your teapot, let it steep and rest the strainer on the rim of your mug. With its built-in hook and handle it'll stay in place as you pour over your water. Its mesh is fine enough to allow infused tea to flow through while keeping the bits contained. The stainless steel tea infuser offers a faff-free way to steep your favourite tea varieties. Give the handle a squeeze to open up the strainer, add your loose leaves and place it in a mug of boiling water to steep as long you like. The fine perforations let the flavours infuse while keeping the leaves from your mug.


  • Set includes: 1 x Glass Teapot; 1 x Whistling Tea Kettle; 1 x Tea Strainer with Stand; and 1 x Tea Infuser
  • Teapot capacity: 660 ml (1 pint, 23 fl oz) / two cups (based on a serving size of 330 ml)
  • Kettle capacity: 1.3 L (2.5 pints, 44 fl oz)
  • The strainer mesh fine enough to catch tiny leaves, for a smooth-tasting, refreshing brew
  • The infuser is robust, rust-resistant, easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • Colour Silver