2pc Cafetière Set with Monaco 8-Cup Navy Cafetière and Stainless Steel Coffee Measuring Spoon with Clip


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Make perfect coffee every time with La Cafetière's Monaco French press and measuring spoon set. The retro-inspired design of this 8 cup cafetière pays homage to Monaco's breezy café terraces, where the pace is relaxed and coffee is sipped casually. Perfect for those lazy mornings spent with friends and family. When you send the embossed plunger knob down, you get a deliciously smooth brew that's pure in flavour. It features a fine mesh filter which extracts maximum flavour from your coffee grounds. And it also traps them, so they don't reach your cup. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it's long-lasting, rust-resistant and easy to clean. Many coffee drinkers are guilty of a couple of things: guessing when measuring out ground coffee, and not resealing up the bag when they're done. But it doesn't have to be this way - not with La Cafetière's 2-in-1 coffee measure and bag clip. This ground coffee measuring spoon has been designed to measure a single serving each time. No need to guess - so your coffee will always be a perfect strength. Reach right down to the bottom of packets or tall jars. It's not a problem. Thanks to this scoop's long handle, none of your grounds have to go to waste. The clip in this spoon's handle will keep packets tightly closed up when you're done too!


  • Set includes: 1 x 8 Cup Monaco Cool Navy Blue Cafetière; and 1 x Coffee Measuring Spoon with Clip
  • Cafetière capacity: 1 L (1.5 pints, 34 fl oz) / 8 cups (based on a cup size of 125 ml)
  • The cafetière features a borosilicate glass cafetière beaker that is heat and thermal shock resistant, making it ideal for regular use.
  • The measuring spoon is made from high-quality stainless steel
  • The measuring spoon features a long handle that reaches right into coffee packets


  • Colour Blue
  • SKU: LCBUD33