3 large egg whites 
13 leaves of gelatine 
700g caster sugar 
300ml mulled wine 
1 stick cinnamon 
4 cloves 
1 star anise 
2 oranges 
100g icing sugar 
2 tbsp cornflour 


Pour the mulled wine, sugar, spices and oranges into a large non-stick pan.
Place the gelatine leaves into cold water to soften.
Bring the wine up to a boil, then continue to heat to 130°c using a digital thermometer.
Meanwhile, place the egg whites into an electric mixer and whisk until light and fluffy.
When the wine syrup is up to temperature, remove from the heat and carefully add the leaves of gelatine that have softened in the cold water.
Pour the mulled wine syrup into the meringue very slowly while the mixer is on the slowest speed.
Add a little at a time until all the syrup is mixed in.
Turn the mixer onto medium and let it run until the sides of the mixing bowl have cooled enough to touch.
Mix the icing sugar and cornflour and sieve onto a non-stick tray.
Spoon the marshmallow mixture on top of the icing sugar and cornflour.
Spread the mixture out using the back of a spoon brushed with a little oil to stop it sticking.
Leave the marshmallow to set before cutting into cubes.