Artesà Natural Marble Hot Stone Grill


About this product

Make your next dinner party sizzle. This hot stone cooking grill is a unique way to impress your guests, allowing them to cook their own prime cuts of mouth-watering steak, fresh, juicy seafood and smoky charred vegetables, right there at the table. Simply heat this natural marble steak grill in your oven, then stand it on the burners to keep it sizzlingly hot. Drop morsels of meat, veg or fish onto the stone, and watch as they cook to perfection, complete with a satisfying hiss. It makes for an unforgettable dinner party experience that everyone will enjoy, and means your guests can cook their own starters, just the way they like them.


  • GOURMET ENTERTAINMENT: this hot stone grill brings the mouth-watering sights and smells of grilling home
  • THE PERFECT PARTY CENTREPIECE: let guests cook their own seasoned steak, fish, or crunchy vegetables
  • FUSS-FREE: simply heat the marble slab in the oven, then lay over the gel burners
  • GUILT-FREE: this steak stone needs no extra oil, and its border channels drain fatty juices
  • A FINE GIFT: Artesà's hot stone grill comes gift boxed with instructions. Five year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Marble
  • Size 14.000 x 42.000 x 15.000