BarCraft Nut Cracker and Cork Remover


About this product

Ready to party? When there are nuts to be cracked and corks to be popped, reach for this all-in-one celebration tool to keep the fun flowing. This ingenious party accessory combines a tough, grippy head with smooth non-slip handles. Simply squeeze the handles together to crack tough nuts or remove stubborn corks in seconds. As a nut cracker, it will smash through tough shells while keeping the delicious kernels intact. Use it as a champagne cork remover, and it will grip tightly onto the cork to minimise mess and protect any priceless vases in the vicinity. It’s ideal for Christmas, but you don’t have to save it for a celebration. Keep it on hand in your kitchen as a screw-top bottle opener – it grips and twists those pesky caps like a pro!


  • THE THREE-IN-ONE CELEBRATION TOOL: this gadget cracks nuts, pulls champagne corks and opens screw-top bottles
  • CRACK! The tough-but-gentle spring-action cracker breaks stubborn shells without crushing the kernel inside
  • POP! Its textured interior grips corks firmly, for easy removal with less chance of mess
  • FIZZ! Its grippy design and soft-touch handles make removing soft drink screw tops pain free
  • USEFUL INFO: great for Christmas or birthdays. Made of robust metal. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Metal
  • Size 10 x 24.5 x 6.3