BarCraft Whiskey Glass and Stone Set in Gift Box


BarCraft Whiskey Glass and Stone Set in Gift Box


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About this product

Anyone who loves whiskey is sure to appreciate this handsome whiskey tasting set from BarCraft. It includes everything you need for a little 'me-and-the-glass' time - a 200ml tumbler, two stainless steel whiskey stones, and a pair of ice tongs.

It's a surefire recipe for relaxation. First, freeze the stones for four hours (because they need to chill out before you do). Then drop them into the whiskey glass, pour on your favourite tipple, and lose yourself in the flavours and aromas.

The whiskey glass set comes packed in an attractive BarCraft box, ready to give away as a birthday, anniversary or 'just-because' gift.

Glass Whiskey Tumbler

Whiskey should be a multi-sensory experience, and this whiskey glass is designed to appeal to sight, touch, taste and smell. From the way the light refracts through its diamond detailing, to the way it traps aromas, to the feel of its heavy base in your hand, it will make you appreciate whiskey like never before.

Stainless Steel Ice Balls

Ice is the enemy of a good whiskey. Ice cubes melt, which dilutes those complex, earthy flavours. Use these reusable whiskey stones instead, and appreciate your whiskey the way it was meant to be.

Made of stainless steel, they're totally food safe and odour free, and won't scratch glasses. Use them to chill vodka, cocktails and colas, as well as whiskey.

Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

Completing the set is a pair of stainless steel ice tongs. They help keep things hygienic as you handle the stones, and only add to the experience of that wonderful whiskey ritual.


  • Four-piece whiskey glass and stone set
  • Includes a 200ml (7 fl oz) lowball tumbler, two stones and a pair of tongs
  • Glass is dishwasher safe
  • Balls and tongs are hand-wash only
  • Gift boxed


  • Colour Clear
  • Material Glass
  • Size 8.000 x 8.000 x 9.000