BUILT Planet Bottle, 500ml Recycled Reusable Water Bottle with Leakproof Lid - Pale Pink


About this product

Introducing Planet Bottle, BUILT's first reusable water bottle made from recycled PET plastic. This environmentally friendly water bottle is a revolutionary hydration solution. Because Planet Bottle not only keeps you healthy and hydrated - it helps keep the planet healthy too. Each Planet Bottle is made from approximately 15 plastic bottles, which would otherwise end up in landfill - or worse, in the ocean. And because it’s robust and reusable, it will offset more single-use plastics with continued use. Planet Bottle from BUILT is a project to support recycling, sustainability, communities and education. With more and more plastic bottles ending up in the oceans each year, BUILT wanted to do something about it and reuse where possible. BUILT has teamed up with community projects to encourage schools to collect disused bottles in exchange for library vouchers. The plastic bottles are then taken to be sorted and transformed into this revolutionary recycled plastic water bottle. Important info: as the Planet Bottle is made entirely of recycled plastic, it's not suitable for boiling hot liquids. Allow to cool to a drinkable temperature before filling.


  • INTRODUCING PLANET BOTTLE: BUILT's first reusable bottle made entirely from recycled PET plastic
  • BUILT BY YOU: it's made of approximately 15 recycled bottles, sourced from school community projects
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Planet Bottle is lightweight and leakproof, and its lid doubles as a cup
  • USEFUL INFO: Ensure that your hot drinks have cooled to room temperature before filling
  • COLLECT THE RANGE: BUILT’s eco-friendly water bottles come in four colours.


  • Size 6.8 x 6.8 x 23.8