Chef'n Countertop Sprouter™ Growing Kit


About this product

Sprout at home with style and ease. Whether you’re a big fan of alfalfa, or want endless broccoli sprouts for your salads, this lovely looking sprouting jar kit is ready to grow nutritious goodness in your kitchen. This sprout growing kit's glass vessel is designed with a highly effective patent-pending ventilation system, which makes for easy and beautiful sprouts that are worth leaving out on the countertop. The discreet pour spout makes the daily process of rinsing easy, so you can quickly grow your sprouts and enjoy them too!


  • SPROUTS MADE SIMPLE: this attractive countertop sprouter kit makes growing nutritious sprouting seeds easy
  • WELL VENTILATED: the patent-pending ventilation system increases airflow for perfect sprouting with reduced mould
  • EASY RINSING: a discreet pouring spout makes rinsing simple - just tip to drain
  • ADJUSTABLE SCREEN: lets you easily filter out old seed husks, making more sprouting room
  • STYLISH: the sprouting jar's smart design means you can watch your sprouts grow in style


  • Colour White,Green
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 10.592 x 10.592 x 15.558
  • SKU: 102-742-390
  • Care and use Handwash only