Chef'n Garlicmachine™ Garlic Press


About this product

Don’t mince words, mince garlic with the classic GarlicMachine. The GarlicMachine was the first Chef’n product, launched back in 1982. Now it’s back with an improved design, to make it easier than ever to mince and store garlic. This classic gadget can mince multiple cloves at once, and uses an easy twisting action, rather than brute-force squeezing. A built-in cutting edge releases the crushed garlic, saving your fingers from odours. Loaded up more than you need? Don’t worry, a built-in storage cap keeps cloves fresh in the fridge, and ready to use later. Includes a 12-month guarantee.


  • SIMPLIFYING GARLIC PREP, SINCE 1982: GarlicMachine offers a better way to use and store garlic
  • IMPROVED DESIGN: this iconic garlic crusher now has a quick-release top, for easier clove insertion
  • QUICKER AND EASIER: simply insert as many cloves as you like, then turn the handle
  • GARLIC STORAGE: simply pop on the cap to keep unused cloves fresh in the fridge
  • LESS MESS: this garlic grinder keeps boards, knives and hands clean and odour-free.


  • Colour White
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 7.62 x 0.591 x 19.685
  • SKU: 102-474-009