Chef'n Glass Mandoline


About this product

Cut just the fruit and veg you need, and not a slice more. The premium-quality glass deck on this Chef'n mandoline slicer gives you a complete view of what you've sliced - whether it's tomato slices for a BLT sandwich, or julienned carrots to go in a fresh salad. You can slice what you need, and reduce food waste in the process. It's ideal for carrying out different styles of cutting. There are three blades included: interchangeable straight slice and crinkle cut blades, and built-in julienne blades. Each one is made of sharp stainless steel, leaving you with cleanly cut, evenly-sized slices. Whatever the ingredient, slicing is designed to be safe and easy. Its chunky plastic pusher allows you to glide your fruits and veggies across the blades, while keeping your fingers well clear of the sharp edges.


  • NEVER SLICE MORE THAN YOU NEED, thanks to this mandoline slicer's transparent glass deck
  • SWITCH HOW YOU SLICE: with easily interchangeable straight-cut and crinkle blades, and built-in julienne blades
  • ADJUSTABLE JULIENNING: just rotate the knob to change the slicing thickness between fine and regular
  • SAFETY FIRST: plastic pusher keeps fingers away from blades. Safe mode retracts blades for storage
  • USEFUL INFO: easy to clean, with stainless steel blades and non-staining glass. Blade sheath included


  • Colour Black
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 40 x 20 x 4.5
  • SKU: 5255883KC