Chef'n ScoopSaw Squash and Melon Tool

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About this product

A convenient, all-in-one tool to tackle squash and melon prep. Everyone’s been there, eyeing up a juicy honeydew melon or lovely winter squash in the supermarket and debating if it’s really worth all the prep. But with the handy, two-in-one ScoopSaw at your side, you can cut, clean and cube in record time, and with minimum effort. The saw’s angled edge pierces tough outer skins, while the scoop’s angled edge cleans out seeds and fibres inside easily. In no time at all, you’ll be left with cubes of ready-to-roast squash, or succulent melon to snack on.


  • Colour Green
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 2.858 x 0.837 x 24.511
  • SKU: 102-804-062