Chef'n Slicester™ Strawberry Prep Tool

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About this product

Slice yourself up a taste of summer in seconds with the Slicester strawberry cutter. The Strawberry Slicester is the ultimate gadget for anyone who loves strawberry pie, fruit salad, strawberry tarts, strawberry smoothies and homemade ice cream toppings. Safer and easier to use than a knife, the Strawberry Slicester slices whole strawberries into perfect pieces with a quick squeeze of its handle. You only need one hand to squeeze it too, so you can slice directly over bowls and plates, while using your other hand to place the slices on cakes and tarts.


  • Colour White
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 9.525 x 1.181 x 18.733
  • SKU: 102-712-400