Chef'n Tower Grater 2-in-1 Tower & Plane Grater

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About this product

Twice as nice: the innovative Tower Grater lets you grate cheese two ways. Which is better… the robust, traditional box grater, or the modern, agile hand-held grater? Can’t decide? Well, why not have both? The innovative Tower Grater, from Chef'n, works like a box grater, but has detachable grating plates that can be used over bowls, on flat surfaces, and just about anywhere else. They’re all made out of sharp and durable stainless steel for quick and efficient grating. It’s safe to use too, with an easy-to-grip handle on the top and non-slip feet, so you can hold it nice and steady while you grate.


  • Colour Blue
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 9.500 x 1.472 x 25.999
  • SKU: 102-792-335