Chef'n Yolkster™ Egg Poacher


About this product

Introducing Yolkster - the serious egg poaching gadget with a fun name! Poaching eggs that come out with light, fluffy egg whites and soft, gooey yolks is tough, right? Well... not anymore. Yolkster is the clever egg gadget that'll perfect your poaching. Simply submerge this single egg poacher in a pan of simmering water and add your egg. The mesh basket lets water circulate round the egg, so it poaches in the traditional way, rather than steams. Forget about scalded fingertips too: Yolkster has a long handle that keeps your fingers well clear of hot water. Includes a Lifetime Warranty.


  • PERFECT POACHED EGGS: poaching eggs with fluffy whites and gooey yolks is easy with Yolkster
  • NO TRICKY TECHNIQUES: the egg poaching basket will keep things contained, for mess-free results
  • PROPER POACHING: unlike some 'egg poachers', Yolkster lets water circulate to poach, not steam eggs
  • TALL HANDLE: keeps hands well clear of hot water, so it's easy to retrieve eggs
  • USEFUL INFO: made of durable plastic. Built-in draining rest. Top-rack dishwasher safe; Lifetime Warranty.


  • Colour Orange
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 9.5 x 1.24 x 14
  • SKU: 102-517-174