Chef'n ZeelPeel™ Orange Peeler

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About this product

Enjoy easy-peely orange prep with ZeelPeel. Do you sometimes look at an orange and wonder if the juicy goodness inside is worth the laborious peel? Never again! Use ZeelPeel to zip through any orange skin and have it peeled to perfection in a jiffy. The sharp hook gives your fingernails a break by piercing the skin, and the tapered corner swoops in to lift it, ready to be slipped into the round opening and peeled. Your hands will also thank you, as they won’t have to carry round the lingering orange smell you always suffer when peeling manually.


  • Colour Orange
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 2.540 x 1.110 x 12.649
  • SKU: 102-516-173