Colourworks 5-Piece Mini Silicone Utensil Set


About this product

Mini but mighty. That's Colourworks' motto for this five-piece mini silicone utensil set. Like our regular single-piece silicone tools, they have the same strong nylon cores and superior silicone coatings. They've just been shrunk down to help you tackle those small culinary challenges. Oh, and they're absolutely brilliant for budding junior chefs too. In the set you get a mini balloon whisk, spatula spoon, spatula, fish slice and pastry brush. Need to quickly beat egg yolks for a sauce? Blend ingredients for a barbecue marinade? Or lift freshly-baked cookies from the oven tray? These are the tools to turn to. They're flexible but not too bendy. So, you can slide the fish slice right under delicate foods, scrape any left behind mixture from mixing bowls with the spatula, glide the pastry brush across jam tart cases without the bristles shedding and so much more. Looking to introduce kids to amazing world of home cooking and baking? This set offers a fantastic starting point. With smaller handles, the tools are easy for younger chefs to get to grips with. They're tough too, so even the most boisterous little ones won't damage them. All of the utensils are heat resistant to 260°C (500°F). You can also use them on your favourite non-stick coated cookware as they're anti-scratch. Silicone resistant to stains and odours. And it won't transfer flavours between your recipes. Dishwasher safe.


  • Measurements: whisk 24cm (9.5"); brush 20.5cm (8"); spatula 21cm (8"); spoon spatula 20.5cm (8")
  • Each piece is finished in a key colour from Colourworks palette
  • The food turner and whisk heads also feature metal cores for extra strength
  • BPA free
  • Gift boxed, it makes a fabulous gift for chefs - big or small


  • Colour Mixed
  • Size 6.5 x 6.5 x 21