Colourworks Brights Navy Silicone-Headed Slotted Spoon

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About this product

This slotted spoon is a time-honoured kitchen essential, brought to life with some practical, problem-solving features, and the signature Colourworks palette of bright, expressive colours. All the benefits of a traditional slotted cooking spoon are here. The spoon bowl has long holes, which allow water or oil to drain as you serve – ideal for scooping boiled veg straight onto plates, or letting a little oil drain off a deep-fried dumpling. The added features are a robust, flexible nylon core, a non-stick-safe silicone coating, and a comfortable rubber handle. This all adds up to a kitchen gadget that feels great to use, in a colour to suit your individual kitchen, cooking style, and personality.


  • Colour Navy
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 2 x 6 x 29