Colourworks Brights Set with Dual Measuring Jug, Scissors and Conical Measure - Red


Worth: £34.27

About this product

Transform cooking and baking sessions into a celebration of vibrant colour with this red set from Colourworks. It includes a dual measuring jug, edgekeeper scissors, and a conical measure. The conical measure allows you to cook and bake the smart way. This silicone measuring cup is designed for liquid and dry ingredients, limiting the chances of culinary disasters by measuring out your solid and liquid ingredients ready to go in your favourite recipes. It features a pair of translucent windows, one marked with millilitres (up to 400 ml), and one marked with cups (up to 1 cup). So, you can pour in your flour or sugar to measure for a moist sponge cake. You can measure liquids too, like yoghurt and coconut milk, to make the base for a comforting chicken curry. The multi-function shears also include an in-built beer bottle opener, twist top bottle opener, herb stripper, zester, lid lifter (that can also double up as a slotted screwdriver) and easy-to-separate blades to aid cleaning or transform your shears into a Santoku style knife. These soft grip scissors are securely stored in a protective storage sheath. The dual measuring jug features a 2-in-1 design that accurately helps you measure liquid and dry ingredients. Flour to bake shortcrust pastry, vegetable stock for a homemade soup, or sugar to make your own caramel: you'll never have to rely on guesswork with this dual-use tool. It features millilitre and litre markings, gram markings for rice, flour and sugar, as well as a built-in tablespoon measure in its handle.


  • Colourworks Brights Set includes: 1 x Dual Measuring Jug; 1 x10 in 1 Multi-Function Edgekeeper Scissors; 1 x Conical Measure - Red
  • Stain, odour and heat resistant to 260°C (not applicable to scissors)
  • The red finish brings colour to your kitchen and shows your personality
  • Dishwasher safe