Creative Tops Meadow Floral Work Surface Protector


About this product

Rejuvenate your kitchen's work surfaces with the fresh breeziness of nature, while keeping them free from marks and scratches. The 'Meadow Floral' multi-functional glass board brings vivid colour to daily cooking and baking. This white worktop protector is decorated with a sketched meadow flowers: they dance and vibrantly pop with watercolour shades of deep blue, teal, poppy red, violet and yellow. It's very versatile too: use it to prep ingredients or collect vegetable peelings, rest spoons between stirs, roll pastry or bread dough, or you could even present cheese to guests a dinner parties.


  • BEAUTIFULLY BREEZY: liven up your kitchen and keep surfaces protected with this vibrant worktop saver
  • TOUGHENED GLASS: use this worktop protector to prepare ingredients, rest spoons mid-recipe and much more
  • MEADOW FLORAL DESIGN: sketched meadow flowers pop with colour to create a breezy scene
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: delight guests with delicious sweet treats, beautifully served. It makes a great serving board
  • USEFUL INFO: its cool surface is ideal for working pastry too. Measures 40 x 30cm


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Glass
  • Size 30 x 40 x 0.5
  • SKU: C000340