Creative Tops Slate Effect Weights And Measures Work Surface Protector


About this product

Know someone who loves to bake? They're sure to love this slate-style ‘Weights and Measures’ multi-functional glass board, which will protect work surfaces while being a trusty kitchen companion when baking and cooking. Forget the fuss of having to work out conversions in your head while you’re cooking. This chalkboard-effect worktop saver is marked with all kinds of different weights, measures and temperatures, so you’ll always have them to hand. It’s so helpful! Use the board to prep ingredients or collect peelings, to rest your spoon between stirs, to roll pastry or bread dough, or as a cool surface to serve cheese to guests at a dinner party.


  • A PRACTICAL PROTECTOR: this multi-functional board is made of toughened heat-resistant glass to protect surfaces
  • NO MORE TRICKY CALCULATIONS: the infographic design features weight, length, liquid and temperature conversions
  • VERSATILE: use it to prepare ingredients, to rest spoons, and more
  • MAKES A PRETTY SERVING BOARD: delight visitors with homemade gingerbread men, Victoria sponges or cupcakes
  • USEFUL INFO: naturally cool surface makes it ideal for working pastry. Measurements: 40 x 30cm


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Glass
  • Size 40.000 x 30.000 x 1.000
  • SKU: 5233683