Home Made 30cm Straining Bag


About this product

Trying your hand at making your own jam? You won't get very far without a jelly bag for jam, like this one from KitchenCraft's Home Made collection. It makes it easy to strain the unwanted pulp, pips and seeds from your jam. It's the perfect piece of equipment for enthusiasts and beginners. This polyester muslin jam bag is tightly woven to allow those sweet fruit juices to drip on through, while capturing the less desirable bits, so it's ideal for making seedless preserves. There's no need to worry about it fraying, either. It's made of high-quality, lint-free polyester, and you can easily pop it in your washing machine to reuse time and time again.


  • A JAM MAKING ESSENTIAL: this jelly bag strains unwanted fruit and pips from your produce
  • FINELY WOVEN: the woven cloth lets liquid through but catches pulp, leaving smooth, seedless jam
  • VERSATILE: use it to drain excess buttermilk from butter too, or whey from homemade cheese
  • ROBUST: lint-free and made of strong polyester, this jam strainer bag won't fray
  • USEFUL INFO: reusable and machine washable. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Polyester
  • Size 13.000 x 11.000 x 11.000